Assessment Group

In preparation for an “Assessment Group” meeting after work today, I’ve been reading about formative assessment.

“What we need is a shift from quality control in learning to quality assurance. Traditional approaches to instruction and assessment involve teaching some given material, and then, at the end of teaching, working out who has and hasn’t learned it–akin to a quality control approach in manufacturing. In contrast, assessment for learning involves adjusting teaching while the learning is still taking place–a quality assurance approach. Quality assurance also involves a shift of attention from teaching to learning. The emphasis is on what the students are getting out of the process rather than on what teachers are putting into it, reminiscent of the old joke that schools are places where children go to watch teachers work.” (from “Classroom Assessment: Minute by Minute, Day by Day” by Leahy, Lyon, Thompson, Wiliam)

I chuckle at the idea of students going to watch teachers work – I do sometimes feel like they put in so little effort and here I am stressing myself out, working at home, having nightmares about school…

I really do agree with the ideas of formative assessment. I guess I just keep finding myself conflicted in how to do it.

For example, I made a quiz over the graphs of exponential functions for my precalculus classes. My whole goal with the quiz was to make questions that could get at the shapes of graphs relative to other graphs but so that the kids couldn’t just plug it into their calculators. It’s like when I get into “test and quiz making” mode, I come up with these tricky nice questions, but I almost wish they weren’t being graded on them. I honestly call it test or quiz mostly so they will take it seriously!

I think they can learn from the questions, but how do I administer the quiz and have them learn from it? I would rather just not grade the quiz at all and use it for discussion, but I feel like they expect a grade and who am I to completely change in the middle of the year?


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